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TMS Energy

TMS Energy is a strategic initiative of The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS). Its goals are to provide leadership, facilitation, and resources that initiate and support effective energy solutions based on the innovative development and use of materials.

EnergyA key element of TMS Energy is projects that convene the best knowledge and expertise to formulate strategies, develop resources, and generate new thinking on addressing global energy needs through materials solutions, particularly in partnership with other professional societies, government agencies, and organizations. Projects have included:

Linking Transformational Materials and Processing for an Energy Efficient and Low-Carbon Economy: Creating the Vision and Accelerating Realization

TMS was commissioned by the Department of Energy Advanced Manufacturing Office in February 2010 to lead a three-part study into areas where new materials and processing breakthroughs can lead to transformational advances in energy efficiency, energy security, and carbon emission reduction. [More Info]

Advanced Materials for Stationary Electrical Energy Storage

In July 2010, TMS was contracted to assist the U.S. Department of Energy with overcoming issues related to deploying stationary electrical energy storage (EES). [More Info]

Advanced Materials for Our Energy Future

TMS joined forces with four other materials societies to develop “Advanced Materials for Our Energy Future,” a publication that underscores the importance of materials science and engineering (MSE) in meeting energy challenges. [More Info]

Vittorio de Nora Prize

The de Nora Prize recognizes outstanding materials science research and development leading to the reduction of environmental impacts, particularly greenhouse gas emissions. [More Info]

Future Projects

TMS Energy is constantly researching innovative projects, grants and proposals that further the science behind energy-related materials. For information on initiating or participating in a project with TMS Energy, please contact us.