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REWAS 2013 Plenary Provides Context for “Realizing Sustainability”
Session Speakers Confirmed

TMS Energy News ArticlePosted on 2/19/2013 12:00:00 AM: The goal of achieving global sustainability cannot be confined to a group of countries, industries, or sectors of society. All potential stakeholders in this future must address their own unique set of challenges to contribute solutions, while also being cognizant of the ramifications of their actions on the environment, economy, and social well-being. Materials resource sustainability is the common thread weaving together many of these ideas and initiatives. Examining important intersections in key sustainability-relevant areas is the focus of the REWAS 2013 plenary session, “Realizing Sustainability,” set for March 4 at 2 p.m. in the Lila Cockrell Theatre of the San Antonio Convention Center during the TMS 2013 Annual Meeting and Exhibition.

The speakers and their topics announced for this session are:

Lewis M. Fulton
University of California, Davis, Co-director of the NextSTEPS research program in the Institute of Transport Studies (ITS-Davis)

“Sustainable Transportation Challenges and Opportunities”
The world is headed toward two billion vehicles. This situation will not be sustainable without transforming vehicles, fuels, and transportation generally—not only in the U.S., but virtually everywhere. Fulton will examine the roots of the problem, and then propose strategies and policies to bring about low carbon fuels, electric-drive vehicles, and low-carbon cities.

Todd Dinoia
Technical Director, Habitat R&D, Saint-Gobain High Performance Materials Research and Development Center

“Saint-Gobain’s Approach to Materials Development for Sustainability in Habitat”
This talk will review sustainable approaches to advanced materials development for the built environment, presenting examples of new construction products and their impact on sustainability in the context of energy, environment, health and comfort in buildings.

Highlighted in Dinoia's presentation will be features of Saint-Gobain’s approach to the development of sustainable building material, product, and system solutions.

Bill Bader
Chief Executive Officer of the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (iNEMI

“iNEMI Environmental Thrust: History, Challenges, and Opportunities”
Bader will share a brief history of iNEMI-driven environmental improvements, as well as a holistic assessment of the roadmap challenges and gaps in electronics sustainability for the future. He will also provide an in-depth examination of pre-competitive collaboration opportunities in the areas of materials, eco-design, and recycling and reuse.

Highlighting this talk will be a preview of the key findings of the 2013 iNEMI technology roadmap.

S. Julio Friedmann
Chief Energy Technologist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

“Advanced Technology and the Scope of Large-scale Sustainability”
The extraordinary scale and scope of sustainability, including challenges from climate change to soil and water sustainability, require a focus on solutions that can credibly tackle a major fraction of those challenges.

Friedmann's presentation will review a few approaches, technologies, and pathways, including novel carbon capture materials and devices; advanced manufacturing materials; computationally assisted material discovery; and water treatment.

Helga Vanthournout
Expert Consultant, McKinsey & Company and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation

“Value-in-Use and Beyond—Creating More Value from Scrap”
This session will review the set of measures available to optimize handling, logistics, and downstream scrap recovery, as well as investigate the application of the value-in-use concept in scrap processing. The presentation will include an overview of the factors that determine value-in-use and explore the four core elements—modeling, value selling, resourcing, and integrated processes—of a winning value-in-use setup.

William A. Bonkoski
GE Water & Process Technologies

“Global Trends in Water Treatment Technology & Sustainability” This presentation will speak to new ideas and trends that will impact how water resources can be shared and maximized—including extract valuable wastewater components that have sustainable value—by the world’s ever-increasing population.

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